I remember you teaching me how to kiss... they still say I'm the best kisser
Dreaming of you across sets that visually became real... does that mean that you miss her (me)
When I woke up it all finally made sense and I thought the nightmare was over
"Wish me luck" still pulling the card of the four leaf clover
Every night at 7pm we would meet in the lobby
Because you were my first no one ever stepped to you
And war became my hobby
I feel like I keep saying to you the same things
But this is insanity and all the other shit trying to get money brings
"When you make love, do you look in the mirror"?
I do all the time only now the visrion is clearer
It's not the love for the dark that I called you back
Its not even for revenge on their planned attack
It's because you left me at frozen, and ever since I can't feel
Until I felt a glimpse of your touch again and realized it was real
"Making love to you didn't drive me crazy"
But on this levels shit... things that trip most people up doesnt even phase me
I don't have much, just 10 split seconds to remind me it's all real
And an excruciating pain inside not knowing whats up to remind me I feel
Are you ever coming back for me?
Cause "Poetic Justice" left me at blind and I still can't see
Do you remember the day I got out of the pool
Cum dripping down my leg and you jumped out so fast to cover a fool
I remember now why my brothers friend threw me in
You know I never in my life gave head in that position again?
I look at my niece, my mini me
And I remember the mind set of this is just how it has to be
I don't remember the after
I can care less about their laughter
Just 10 split seconds I got back when I flatlined
The world can come to a grinding halt, but it can't ever rewind (time)
How did so many people become involved?
Then for the them to say it's MY dream that evolved?
8 years and counting and to date I have survived every day
If a "Coward dies a thousand deaths" then a soldier can only die 1 way
~ A broken heart
It happened to my father it really is true
If ever I was scared more it'd be in knowing me too
But I refuse to put that pressure on you (It's not like that)
Cause nothing would hurt more than you not doing what you want to do
I don't want to be your obligation and I want to understand your hesitation
IDK I'm up now, it feels like I'm too late but still I just wanted to make sure you knew
I'm up now... and I finally remember you