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    Life - My first REAL rap song (audio and lyrics)

    This is my first real rap song, 16 bars and all.


    1. yo check it out, yo check it out, yo check it out, im a rap a-

    2 bout what i feel, im a rap about what is real, is life really

    3. real or is it just a dream we can't escape from, who are you? who

    4. am i? and why do we try so hard to get by? i don't know why

    5. little kids got to cry and old folks have to die, someone tell me

    6. why, someone tell me why, is God up in the sky and does

    7. he even care that life is a nightmare? is it really fair for

    8. for(mess up) us to cry out in despair, there must be a reason for all

    9. the pain and tears, humankind has suffered for thousands of years, when

    10. will it end? will we pretend that nothing is wrong and that human-

    11. kind will never get along? if i could die just to give this world

    12. peace my soul would finally be at ease, if i could die just to

    13. give this world peace, my soul would finally be at ease I love this

    14. world so much, i don't want to die, but if my death shall end your pain

    15. then remember me i did not die in vain, i'll be smiling from

    16. above looking down at all the beautiful people that i love
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    Re: Life - My first REAL rap song (audio and lyrics)

    so, im going to try to keep this feedback as encouraging as i can possibly be ..

    right off the bat, im not even going to worry about quality... it sounds like your just playing a beat and rapping over it... and thats fine. work with whatever you have for the time being.

    starting out, most of us go through this phase where we are simply trying to figure out flow. you are at least following all the bar measures, so it shows you do have a basic understanding of the anatomy of a beat. Its the comfort level you lack. You just cant seem to really find the pocket and dig yourself into it. Also, sounds like you just wrote lyrics and your kind of just reading them over the beat. I would suggest to have at least most of the lines memorized. you should only be reading off the rhyme sheet as a point of reference and help to remember the spots in the verse that you have forgotten. That will help you not sound so stiff and robotic.

    Before even going into other areas, i think you should stay on a path of just writing to the actual beat. memorize as much of the verse as you can... and dont just read the lyrics. put your heart behind them and let loose on the beat. the vocal animations and the emotion behind the words is what sells it to the listener. . . just work on being more animated and ironing out your flow then we can start developing the other areas that need work. It dont even hurt to try to mimic other artists you like at first ... try to sound like them and it will exercise your voice .... then you can start finding your own voice.

    this is all learned through time and practice.... just keep spitting and i promise at some point things are going to start clicking and you will get better
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