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Thread: Keystyle Cypher!

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    Re: Keystyle Cypher!

    Ay, Virb...

    You're sounding fatigued... must be SO exhausting
    being clowned, every key.
    Pounded n' beat every round, 'cuz I am simply out of your league.
    You're dying, b. Leave it to you to take
    my "out of context" line, out of context, guy; oh, the irony.
    Hoe - spot blown, entirely. I'm looking at the after-effect...
    Wanting to get in a scrap, medics will be leaving with the scraps of you, left.
    I'd say fortune/4chan is closer than paradox/catalog ...but what are your thoughts?
    And that's just one small example compared to every one of your drops
    Yep, I'm old. Like that's indicator of real stuff.
    If we look at it that way, you're probably young... n' you still suck.
    So, you say you're chopping it up... but there's still no ingredients..
    Pagliacci? No, Adrian Veidt... since I killed The Comedian...
    Celph absorbed? Like this nerd would attack...
    I'll donate blood willingly to you, in hopes it'd make you worthy a rap...
    But I'm sure you'll still lack, so why even bother with it? You're not committed.
    And yeah, I do nap... after every rap that you got submitted...
    Snoring through 'em boring lines of yours...
    A Yung line, oh, how mature. Milking the old thing, but, sounding like cow manure.
    Al B. Sure to lay out the differences... they are Nite and Day...
    That's when you're riding my sack? The people know, Right Of Way...
    That's the type of shit you're on, huh? Well, I'll be realer.
    And proclaim you as the goat... of shitty name flips, n' weak filler.
    A cheap thriller... didn't think you'd get emotional...
    Exposed you, though. But then again, that's how this was supposed to go.
    You drop... I come back, kill it, you try to justify...
    How you got dusted by the old head, AND up-and-coming guys.
    It's a vicious cycle, but I'll leave it to you to interpret it...
    You ain't even worth the click of the PC you write your verses with
    I'm genuinely shocked you think you are a goat...
    When you've done NOTHING in two years, here, to prove you are dope.
    Aside from say it, n' be less believable when read it, though
    I guess just saying it's enough these days for it being so
    No... V... get out the rhyme cypher... n' become battle tested...
    You're so full of yourself... yet, so anorexic, it's damn perplexing....
    Word vomit, explanations, Celph flips - man... you rock...
    Ill's 2 and 1... far as I'm concerned? That's still one more win than you got..
    Telling him to shut up... let me guess, "I'm Virb; I have nothing to prove!
    I hurl insults before I start my raps... but realize that I suck at that, too."
    True... I mean what stories? Everything I'm stating, is facts..
    You ain't the goat, virb, just because you want to play one, in raps.
    Daemon, relax. Let me go ahead n' shit on your pity-party.
    You rip it, hardly. "Yeah. Your grind, bro? Isn't gnarly".


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    Re: Keystyle Cypher!


    I like to play with words
    Pro now vs verbs
    Spice and herbs
    What's served is a nerd who wants to be heard
    Look up and observe the vultures
    Your name is lame and is another example of how crackers try to curb the culture
    You kidding me? I'm a runaway pygmie, history you wouldn't find on disney
    You Sydney, my niggaz wit me in New Guinea
    I'm the man like I got the power of grayskull within me
    Within my hands, my fingers type
    What lingers are ringers like most right wingers
    Restore the light bringers, Aja Yoruba Orisha
    You have none of my features
    I could teach ya but would it reach ya?
    Creature from Esau, he fall, iLL is too skilled to sleep on (yeah)
    I bring the earth, wind & fire so that's the reason, why we here
    One tried to disregard thee Gawd
    At first I didn't care.. is he not aware?
    Or maybe he don't got a pair?
    Or just a fuckin retard
    He hard? HaHa you a hee-haw
    Only time you'll come up is on a seesaw
    Whatever you drum up, I've seen it all
    I don't know why but most pictures of Greek Gods are naked and their penis small
    Stop it V
    I don't know if I'm dropping these, entendres properly
    But last time I came up was when your bitch was on top of me
    You thinking Monogamy, she's thinking autonomy
    I was thinking you was on to me so I bounced...

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